Multi-currency accounts registered to your business’s legal entity. Hold up to 16 secure digital and fiat currency accounts on one simple platform. Customise your interface and select the accounts that you want including BTC, ETH, XRP, AUD, HKD, JPY, GBP and many more.

Spend like a local with Wirex Visa cards in GBP, EUR or USD.

Make payments anytime, anywhere, in 16 crypto or traditional currencies of your choice.

Use your Wirex Visa card at 40m+ outlets around the world, in-store, online or at ATMs.

Wirex Business delivers unbeatable value, flexibility and transaction speed by combining the efficiency of cryptocurrency payments with the universal acceptance of traditional fiat currency accounts, on a global scale .


Exchange between fiat and crypto and any combination therein) at Interbank and OTC rates, without a minimum transaction limit.

Wirex gives your business the best exchange rates by providing unconditional access to OTC rates for crypto exchanges and interbank rates for fiat-to-fiat exchanges.

With Cryptoback™ you’ll receive 0.5% back in Bitcoin on every in-store purchase.

Refer-a-Friend is the new referral programme that pays you and your friends up to $10 each* in Bitcoin just for spreading the word about Wirex.